Far East Consortium

Specialising in property development, hospitality and car parking projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Far East Consortium International Limited (FEC) is a pioneering regional corporation.

With over forty years of experience operating in Asia Pacific, FEC has been dubbed the region’s most celebrated land and property developer. The leading conglomerate’s local expertise allows it to develop residences and neighbourhoods that target Asia’s rapidly growing and prosperous middle class.

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PRDnationwide Perth is an industry leader in residential project marketing, providing a full range of real estate services to property owners, investors and developers. Our experience in the Perth market and expertise in the sale of residential property projects from large multi-staged, mixed-use developments down to boutique apartment buildings is unparalleled.

Cottee Parker

Cottee Parker Architects operates in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. The practise has extensive experience in delivering unique and considered design solutions for the built environment. With over 25 years of operation the practise has established firm relationships with local planning authorities and is well recognised for its exceptional urban design outcomes. This has enabled Cottee Parker to achieve design solutions for clients well beyond the usual planning constraints.

Cottee Parker Architects is one of Australia’s leading urban design, architectural, and interior design firms.

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