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A world-class recreational playground just 25 minutes from Perth!

A world-class recreational playground just 25 minutes from Perth!


The Swan Valley, with its rolling hills lined with vines that turn golden at sunset in front of your very eyes, sound reminiscent of the beginnings of a romantic novel but is instead the reality of Perth residents who have the luxury of the internationally renowned wine region of Swan Valley at their doorstep.

The Swan Valley is just 25 minutes drive from Perth’s city centre and offers an abundance of activities to suit all demographics, budgets and tastes! The region that is a stone throw away from Perth CBD, is filled with artisans who welcome all visitors with open arms.

It is the perfect escape from the weekly grind of Perth CBD. The Valley allows its visitors to immerse themselves in the natural surrounds and unwind from the week. While the Valley can sweep those visitors seeking romance off their feet with its 5-star resorts and wineries it also caters to fun-filled family activities like encountering the local furry resident kangaroos and wallabies.

Food, Wine and Brews

The Swan Valley attracts food enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs and appreciators of hand-crafted brews alike. The region spoils visitors for choice and for those who struggle with the plethora of sites to visit, the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail is the perfect option. This 32km stretch of Western Australia’s finest landscape provides people with over 200 attractions along the way. The trail is sprinkled with hidden gems and gives those who embark on its travels access to the freshest farm produce around!

Embracing Nature and Activities

For those in need of a dose of fresh air, the Swan Valley’s natural surrounds allow people to sit back on a picnic rug and enjoy the tranquillity the parks and conservation reserves, such as Whiteman Park, have to offer. People seeking something a little different can visit Caversham Wildlife Park, which houses over 2,000 animals and birds for onlookers to enjoy. For a more interactive and educational experience, the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is the way to go where you can even learn how to milk a cow!

Valley History

The Valley’s history begins more than 40,000 years ago when the Noongar Aboriginal people of the Whadjuk tribe called the region home. Their dreamtime stories speak of a serpent who slithered across Perth’s countryside with its belly carving out the deep impression of what is now known as the Swan River.

The place is brought to life by the people who spend their days pouring passion into what they do, and visitors can feel the energy they invest wherever they go in the Valley. The artisans of the Valley are known for their dedication to their crafts and sharing their knowledge with visitors, creating an experience unlike any other.

Those who visit the Valley often leave with full bellies and feeling like they’ve become part of a family. It is exactly this atmosphere that helps make the Valley a place to remember and has people who live in Perth dreaming of the next time they’ll be able to visit!

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