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Perth’s talent, what a treat!

Perth’s talent, what a treat!


Perth as a city has been celebrating its organic talent for years. The city is a breeding ground for musical legends like Tame Impala, San Cisco, Birds of Tokyo, and John Butler Trio. These iconic musical talents all started playing gigs at small live music venues in the city. For the more visual cultural enthusiasts, Perth offers galleries galore. If it’s fresh air you prefer you can walk the streets of Perth and feast your eyes on the many murals painted by gifted street artists.

The nightlife in Perth has live music bursting through the walls of some well known venues. The songs fill the streets, enticing pedestrians to stop and listen to the sweet tunes. The Ellington Jazz Club encapsulates the smoothness of jazz and has been named after the jazz king himself, Duke Ellington. The Bird is another popular venue that was started by a group of friends who wanted to add to the live music scene in Perth. This venue is jam packed with a variety of events catering to different tastes every night of the week. Craving something a little different? Jack Rabbit Slim’s is an eclectic bar featuring alcoholic milkshakes and refrigerators that act as doorways to hidden music rooms playing everything from indie to electronic tunes.

If theatre is your preference, Perth’s Theatre Trust offers a wide range of art experiences for both residents and tourists to enjoy. Genres that are popular across the city include comedy, dance, musicals, talks/lectures, plays and many performances are tailored to the younger crowd! With five main theatres across Perth (His Majesty’s Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA, Subiaco Arts Centre, Albany Entertainment Centre and Perth Cultural Centre) everyone is sure to find something they’d enjoy.

Do you consider yourself an art connoisseur? Implemented in 2009, The City of Perth Public Art Strategy was tasked with making the city centre more engaging. Since this initiative, Perth has certainly transformed their streets by allowing registered street artists to add some colour to walls across the city. These murals are creating a buzz and have become key attractions of the city. Whether the murals are an intricate monochromatic stencil, a splash of vibrant colour or a politically motivated piece, their presence is certainly always noticed. A few must-visit neighbourhoods for street art fans include the Perth CBD, Northbridge, North Perth, and Fremantle.

The Australian Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) is located at the heart of Perth’s culture centre which is also home to the state’s library, theatres and museums. The gallery offers both free and ticketed exhibitions featuring an array of modern, contemporary, historical, immersive and sculptural art.

Perth is no longer the city it once was, it is transforming into a rich cultural hub filled with talent and those who appreciate it. The city has bloomed into an inspiring destination that has its own unique identity.

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