The future for families is apartment living

Happy parents embracing their child after just moving in to their new apartment in perth and unpacking boxes

The future for families is apartment living

Chances are, if you live a busy lifestyle, you don’t always have time to maintain a large space along with gardens, roofs and gutters. City apartments like those at our Perth Hub development provide an attractive alternative for family living.

With its accessibility to the city, great amenities and kid-friendly places, this is definitely the future of family living.


One of the best things about living in Perth’s lively CBD is that your children can be exposed to a wide range of cultural experiences. Perth Hub is situated at the intersection between the city centre and Northbridge and is within walking distance to many of Perth’s art galleries, museums and theatres.

Enjoy a family day out at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, just 1km from Perth Hub. Admire the State Art Collection featuring works by Australian artists both past and present. Children are encouraged to interact with ongoing exhibitions in the Imagination Room or learn to create their own art through the gallery’s school holiday programs.

While museums can be a hit or miss with younger children The Nostalgia Box is far from a typical museum. Today’s gaming enthusiasts will be amazed to learn about the history of video games and see consoles from the 1970s up until the 2000s. Parents can get their game on and introduce their children to popular video games from their childhood like Pong and Space Invaders.

Perth city is also home to people from all around the world, making it a melting pot of different cultures. This is represented in Perth’s food scene and what better way to expand your child’s mind than through delicious food. Explore new flavours close to home, from a warm bowl of Japanese ramen at Ippudo Kings Square, to aromatic Lebanese lamb skewers at Chee Tayeb. All of this just 500 metres from Perth Hub.

For the pickier eaters, there are plenty of restaurants serving up familiar family favourites. Just around the corner from the Perth Hub apartments, V Burger Bar serves plenty of kid-friendly meals from burgers to fish and chips.


If you plan to venture further from home, getting around  Perth city is easy due to the fantastic public transport network. There are not one, but two train stations in close proximity to Perth Hub along with bus ports that can take you around the CBD and beyond.

Look after your health and the environment by substituting your daily car rides for bike rides. Within the state of Western Australia, people of all ages are permitted to ride bikes along footpaths, making it a safe place for children to ride their bikes to and from school.

For beginners, practice riding along the shared pedestrian/bike paths in Elizabeth Quay until you are confident enough to ride on the streets. See the Department of Transport’s map and find the best bike paths and see where you can park your bike.


For all parents, education is always top of mind when deciding where to live and Perth Hub has plenty on offer. There are primary and high schools within the CBD, including some of the top-ranking institutions in the state.

Perth’s focus on early learning right through to senior education will put parents’ minds at ease. With school curriculum focusing on life skills and outdoor activities including daily fitness classes and a progressive and holistic approach to education, Perth is surpassing all other states.

Hollywood Primary School received a top score of 100 by the 2018 Better Education School Guide and is located just a 12-minute drive from Perth Hub. Perth Modern School, which also received a top score, caters to academically gifted students and is just 3 minutes away.

Apartment Amenities

If you are too busy to take your children out for the day, you can rest assured they won’t be bored cooped up at home. Newer apartments like Perth Hub come standard with leisure amenities such as a pool, gym and barbecue area. These apartments have additional security levels and closer proximity to neighbours, meaning your children can play safely at home and in the communal areas.


Apartment living provides a sense of community. Your children will enjoy having playmates just doors away, creating the opportunity for playgroups, study groups and carpooling. Adults will also benefit from having a support system close by. As the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child.” Arrange to take turns watching each other’s kids, creating time for important work commitments and some much-needed relaxation.

This is a chance for your family to enjoy all the perks of city living while still being able to have a sense of community. So, if you’re looking for a place to raise your family with great schools, accessibility to public transport and the CBD and a plethora of cultural activities, Perth Hub should be top of your list.

5 reasons why Perth is the perfect place to retire.

A retired couple enjoying lunch in Perth

5 Reasons Why Perth is the Perfect Place To Retire


While retirement plans may differ from person to person, factors like affordability and access to amenities are somewhat universal. The vibrant city of Perth offers all this and more, from sunny weather to world class entertainment. A centrally located apartment at Far East Consortium’s Perth Hub development ensures you are close to everything the city has to offer.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 reasons why west is best when it comes to
retirement living:

1. Affordability

In recent years, Perth has claimed its title as one of the most livable cities in the nation, offering a high quality of life at an accessible price point.

According to a 2019 report from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), Western Australia still has the most affordable property market in the nation. The trend has continued throughout the year with the proportion of income required to meet loan repayments having decreased by 1.0 percentage points over the previous year.

Recent Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cuts and Keystart changes, also present prospective buyers with golden opportunities to secure some great deals. And it isn’t just property prices, living in Perth means you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a night out at the movies or a membership at a centrally located fitness centre. Overall, the cost of living in Perth city is 12% lower than in Melbourne and 22% lower than Sydney.

2. Weather

Arguably the ‘true’ sunshine state of Australia, Western Australia boasts sunshine and blue skies all year round. The city of Perth is the sunniest capital city in the country with the highest average hours of sunshine per day.

Make the most out of Perth’s idyllic weather by taking a walk in one of the many inner city parks. Kings Park and Botanic Gardens are located just a short walk from our Perth Hub apartments and showcases several species of stunning native flora.

3. Connectedness

Perth’s CBD is equipped with a public transport network that outranks public transport in other Australian cities. Explore the city using the vast network of Transperth trains and buses.

Our Perth Hub development is close by the Perth Underground Station, Perth Station and Perth Busport. With access to multiple train lines and over thirty bus routes, you can get to wherever you need to be.

The government has announced further plans to upgrade Perth’s transport, seeking to connect more suburbs with the Perth CBD through the METRONET project. The project will also include an airport link connecting Perth Airport with the Perth CBD and Forrestfield. For future residents of our Perth Hub apartments, this offers a key to the city and beyond. Globe trotters or those who frequently fly interstate to visit friends and family will be able to get to and from the airport with speed and ease.

4. Amenities

In The Economist’s 2019 Global Liveability Index, Perth scored full marks in the areas of healthcare, education and infrastructure, proving the city is well equipped to support a healthy and happy population.

With plenty of general and specialist health practices located within Perth’s CBD you won’t have to look too far to meet your health needs. There are also a number of public and private hospitals in the city centre, offering emergency, inpatient and outpatient services.

The Royal Perth Hospital is located just down the road from our Perth Hub apartments. The hospital is open 24 hours so residents can rest assured they will be attended to in the case of an emergency.

While you might not be thinking of going back to school, it is still good to know that Western Australia’s top universities, The University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University, are all looking to establish a campus within Perth’s CBD.

University towns are popular neighborhoods for retirees due to the presence of university hospitals, their efficient transport systems, affordability and abundance of cultural and recreational facilities. Apartments in university towns enjoy a resilient rental market, yet another benefit of making Perth your next home.

5. Culture and Entertainment

What you might not know about Perth is that the Government has made huge investments into the areas of entertainment and Tourism. What this means for you is that there are plenty more things to see and do in.

Our Perth Hub development is located right next to RAC Arena, a vibrant venue that has hosted world renowned musical acts and sporting events. Perth is also home to the newly built, 60,000 seat Optus Stadium.

If history and culture is more your cup of tea, The Art Gallery of WA, Museum of Performing Arts and Museum of Perth are all located in the city centre and easily accessible by foot or via a direct train from our Perth Hub apartments. The newly refurbished WA Museum will also be located nearby once completed.

World class amenities, convenient transport, exciting entertainment and a plethora of housing options, all available at a price that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. If this sounds good to you, it’s time to start planning your retirement in the sunny city of Perth.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, in and around Perth Hub

A barista waiting for customers outside of a Perth cafe

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, in and around Perth Hub


In recent years, Perth’s culinary scene has seen an influx of new talent and influence from flavours around the world. The lucky residents of our Perth Hub apartments will be able to experience the assorted flavours of the city with ease with three of the best dining precincts conveniently located within walking distance. 

Here are some mouth-watering options close to home to carry you through all hours of the day. 

Kings Square

Just around the corner from Perth Hub, Kings Square on Telethon Avenue is a mixed use space comprising of office buildings, lush inner city gardens and a brilliant range of dining attractions. 

For breakfast, brunch or a quick lunch, make your way to Brewha Cafe for a hearty meal and a quality cup of coffee. Our favourites are the Buttermilk Chicken Schnitzel and Chilli Con Carne. They also offer delicious plant based options like the Jackfruit Vegan Pie, that has been known to entice even the most enthusiastic of meat eaters.

During the winter months, there is nothing better than a piping hot bowl of noodles and soup. Kings Square is home to the award winning Japanese ramen chain Ippudo, that has set up shop in major cities around the world. The rich broth of their trademark Creamy Tonkotsu Ramen will have you feeling revitalised after a long day while the spicy minced pork of the Karaka-Men never fails to provide that extra kick.

For a night of extended fun, there is no better place than the multi-story gastro pub/nightclub, Market Grounds. Its menu is an elevated take on the usual pub fare, with wood fired gourmet pizzas and expertly cooked mains like the 12 Hour Roast Lamb Shoulder. To quench your thirst, take your pick from the 14 varieties of beers on tap, or browse their sprawling list wine list. Every Saturday, Market Grounds stays open until 2am so you can dance the night away to beats by the best DJs in Western Australia. 

King Street

Upon leaving your Perth Hub apartment, take a turn at King Street off Wellington Street and you will find yourself in one of Perth’s premium destinations for luxury shopping. The King Street Precinct is not just fashion houses and boutiques, but also the perfect destination for your Monday morning coffee or Friday night dinner and drinks. 

Start your day at La Veen Coffee’s King Street shop located in a picturesque heritage red brick building. Fuel up with the signature La Veen Rosti or tuck into a refreshing Acai Bowl for a lighter option. Don’t forget to grab a coffee before you go, La Veen’s coffee is ethically sourced across all levels of the supply chain.

If you are looking for something a little out of the box, The Mess at Uncle Joes is where you need to be. Take in some sunshine and greenery during your lunch break at this funky garden cafe located behind the popular King Street barber. Their eclectic menu can range from Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches to a classic Eggs Benedict Bagel. We particularly love their selection freshly baked muffins that are ideal to takeaway for an afternoon snack.

For a casual night out with friends, drop in to Varnish on King for a taste of American Whiskey. Their extensive whiskey menu is accompanied by an equally impressive selection of specialty bacon and finger foods. For those who are new to the world of whiskey, they hold a 101 masterclass on the first monday of every month so that you can brush up on your knowledge. 

If you are still feeling peckish walk over to  Old Faithful Bar & BBQ, Perth’s first traditional American BBQ smokehouse. Their succulent cuts are soaked in brine for up to 12 hours before being seasoned and spiced with classic American flavours and Australian native spices.

Feeling adventurous? Venture down the street to encounter even more exotic flavours. Get a taste of Spain at the Ascua Spanish Grill and Heno & Rey Tapas Bar. Other notable mentions include Chee Tayeb for modern Lebanese cuisine and the Belgian Beer Cafe for a European inspired experience. 

Yagan Square

A walk from Perth Hub down Wellington Street will take you to Yagan Square located right by the Perth Central Train Station and the Perth Bus Port. Yagan Square is a reflection of the innovative and cosmopolitan nature of Perth’s culinary scene with restaurants offering both authentic foreign fares as well as  fusion menus. 

Named after Australia’s first Chinese settler, John Pong Shying, Shy John provides a delectable Yum Cha experience. Though typically eaten for brunch (as is Cantonese tradition), we are also partial to having our Yum Cha for dinner, switching out the tea for aromatic cocktails and beer from Shy John’s very own brewery.

Kill two cravings in one lunch break! If you have a love for toasties and a love for curry, Toast My Curry serves Indian curry toasties so you can have the best of both worlds and experience familiar tastes in brand new ways.

Finish up the day like they do in Japan with a trip to Hiss & Smoke x Godzilla Kare. Wash the day away with their range of hot sake alongside flame charred yakitori and flavourful curry, guaranteed to make you feel like you are in a cozy street side diner on the other side of the ocean. 

If you are feeling fancy, head to Ficus Perth for an elegant modern Australian menu crafted from locally sourced produce. Standouts include their Fresh Market Fish served atop a bed of crushed peas, fennel, avocado and cherry tomato salad, and their picture perfect Black Olive Ravioli.

For dessert, taste age old Czech tradition with a sweet treat from The Honeycake, or visit Jersey Jack Gelato for artisanal gelato in a variety of unique and ever changing flavours. 

Our Perth Hub development is a foodie’s paradise. Its central and connected location means that within minutes, you can be at one of the three food and drink precincts nearby. Whether you are looking to try something new, indulge in comfort food, grab your morning coffee or have a night on the town, you are sure to find the perfect spot just a short walk from home. 

Time for a change? Look no further than Perth’s CBD.

A retired couple enjoying their night in Western Australia

Time for a change? Look no further than Perth’s CBD.


There are many things to take into consideration when thinking about retirement. With your newfound freedom, the options are endless when it comes to planning the next chapter of your life. And for many, retirement creates an opportunity to make some big changes. 

Is your home future proof? 

While your family home has provided the space and amenities to raise and nurture your family, it may now be time to move on. A house needs maintenance and as time passes, the daily upkeep from cleaning to gardening becomes less feasible and steals time away from the things you truly love doing. 

Apartment living offers a great alternative, requiring low maintenance and the freedom to ‘lock up and leave’ whenever you please. A centrally located apartment at the heart of Perth’s CBD, like our Perth Hub development, ensures that you stay connected to the things and people that you value.

Reap the rewards 

In recent years, the city of Perth has seen substantial investment from government and private initiatives. Ongoing and planned redevelopment projects have expanded and modernised the city’s amenities, making it a great place to live and invest your hard-earned dollars.

 Among the ongoing projects is a significant upgrade to Perth’s public transport. The government has allocated approx. $3.6 billion towards the METRONET project in a bid to extend the network. With more suburbs accessible from the Perth CBD,  you can stay connected to your friends and family wherever they may be. The METRONET project will also link the Perth Airport to the CBD, a welcome addition if you love to travel.

 Entertainment wise, there is plenty to see and do. Enjoy the brand new Optus Stadium, the third-largest stadium in Australia, as well as the redeveloped Elizabeth Quay, which has turned it into a world-class event space. 

Take your pick from ever-increasing shopping options, with the revitalisation of Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Garden City and Westfield Innaloo, as well as the construction of the new Westfield Carousel. The CBD is also home to several of the country’s top dining establishments offering a cosmopolitan fare to excite and delight.

 Of course, you don’t have to confine yourself to the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The rolling vineyards of Swan Valley and a variety of gorgeous beaches are all within driving distance. 

 Whether retirement is just around the corner or a few years down the track, inner city apartment living is something to consider. At our Perth Hub apartments, you will have the entire city and beyond as your backyard and access to everything you need to retire in style.

Active lifestyles are a Perth-ians way of life!

Active lifestyles are a Perth-ians way of life!

For those seeking an active lifestyle, look no further, Perth is your place! With its beautifully unique terrain and keen interest in sport, there is certainly an activity to suit everyone. Water, Land or even Air? Perth provides an abundance of things to do on its rivers, canals, beaches, sand dunes and even Perth’s skylines!

Perth-ians certainly have a reputation for thrill seeking and enjoying their picturesque surrounds. It is a place that suits those who relish in the fact that they have the opportunity to experience every inch of the place they call home.

If water sports are your thing, you can explore Perth’s bodies of water by paddling along in a kayak or take to the seas on a replica tall ship, or jet ski! Want to take it up a notch and thrill seek some more? Why not learn to surf or try open ocean jet boating, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, jet packing or jet blading. You can even choose to explore the many creatures that inhabit the deep blue by embarking on a snorkelling tour!

Not a water baby? You can tackle Perth’s terrain on a bike, or pound the pavement on one of Perth’s many walking tracks. If bike riding and walking sound too mainstream for you, perhaps abseiling, rock climbing or paintballing will be more your cup of tea.

Feel like taking to the skies? Get on board a hot air balloon in the early hours of the morning to catch the spectacular sunrises that Perth has to offer. This is definitely a must do for those who appreciate 360-degree view of their city and beyond.

Whether it’s the activities mentioned above or supporting your local and national sporting clubs, watching and participating in sport takes up the majority of Perth-ians weekends. Recreational activities are certainly something that most choose to be a part of in some capacity with local clubs a plenty, it’s easy to become immersed in something you love.

Sporting clubs that have captured the hearts of Perth-ians include the West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers. The West Coast Eagles established themselves in 1986 with the Fremantle Dockers to follow in 1995. These clubs have perpetuated a strong football culture in Western Australia and many of the game’s renowned players originate from the local region.

Generating equally as much excitement when it comes to game time are the West Coast Fever netballers. With the ethos to “inspire and make you proud” they are certainly favoured in the city of Perth. First entering the ANZ Championships in 2008, West Coast Fever played in their maiden final’s series in 2015, and again in 2018; a season where they would go on to host the Grand Final. From netball to basketball, the RAC Arena, affectionately known as “The Jungle” is the home base of the Perth Wildcats and Perth Lynx. The Perth Wildcats and Perth Lynx are the city’s men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Sunshine nearly all year round, rolling hills, state of the art sporting grounds and ocean as far as the eye can see make for an exceptional arena for many different activities and sports. If it’s an active way of life you’re looking for, Perth is simply the cream of the crop!

Perth’s talent, what a treat!

Perth’s talent, what a treat!


Perth as a city has been celebrating its organic talent for years. The city is a breeding ground for musical legends like Tame Impala, San Cisco, Birds of Tokyo, and John Butler Trio. These iconic musical talents all started playing gigs at small live music venues in the city. For the more visual cultural enthusiasts, Perth offers galleries galore. If it’s fresh air you prefer you can walk the streets of Perth and feast your eyes on the many murals painted by gifted street artists.

The nightlife in Perth has live music bursting through the walls of some well known venues. The songs fill the streets, enticing pedestrians to stop and listen to the sweet tunes. The Ellington Jazz Club encapsulates the smoothness of jazz and has been named after the jazz king himself, Duke Ellington. The Bird is another popular venue that was started by a group of friends who wanted to add to the live music scene in Perth. This venue is jam packed with a variety of events catering to different tastes every night of the week. Craving something a little different? Jack Rabbit Slim’s is an eclectic bar featuring alcoholic milkshakes and refrigerators that act as doorways to hidden music rooms playing everything from indie to electronic tunes.

If theatre is your preference, Perth’s Theatre Trust offers a wide range of art experiences for both residents and tourists to enjoy. Genres that are popular across the city include comedy, dance, musicals, talks/lectures, plays and many performances are tailored to the younger crowd! With five main theatres across Perth (His Majesty’s Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA, Subiaco Arts Centre, Albany Entertainment Centre and Perth Cultural Centre) everyone is sure to find something they’d enjoy.

Do you consider yourself an art connoisseur? Implemented in 2009, The City of Perth Public Art Strategy was tasked with making the city centre more engaging. Since this initiative, Perth has certainly transformed their streets by allowing registered street artists to add some colour to walls across the city. These murals are creating a buzz and have become key attractions of the city. Whether the murals are an intricate monochromatic stencil, a splash of vibrant colour or a politically motivated piece, their presence is certainly always noticed. A few must-visit neighbourhoods for street art fans include the Perth CBD, Northbridge, North Perth, and Fremantle.

The Australian Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) is located at the heart of Perth’s culture centre which is also home to the state’s library, theatres and museums. The gallery offers both free and ticketed exhibitions featuring an array of modern, contemporary, historical, immersive and sculptural art.

Perth is no longer the city it once was, it is transforming into a rich cultural hub filled with talent and those who appreciate it. The city has bloomed into an inspiring destination that has its own unique identity.

Wedged in between the Indian Ocean and the Australian Outback, Perth, Western Australia is a Geographical Marvel

birds eye view of Perth shore line

Perth, Western Australia is a Geographical Marvel


Perth and more broadly Western Australia offers native fauna, flora and ocean to its residents and visitors, with the differing landscape providing so much opportunity for exploration in its abundance. The city has (over the last 10-15 years) promoted its remoteness and begun to celebrate the things that make it unique.

It is Western Australia’s rich natural surrounds that the Perth-ians have over their interstate neighbours.

Earth, Air, Wood, Water. Being encircled by these natural elements undoubtedly draws people into the lifestyle that Perth offers, and more broadly Western Australia. It is this connectivity with nature and its beauty that changes the pace of Perth-ians lifestyle for the better.


Seeing Western Australia at its purest is a marvel in itself and one that should be experienced. The perfect way to see as much of this dusty red landscape as possible is to embark on a 4WD trip. A good place to start is to tackle the 660km stretch between Derby and Kununurra. Alternatively, you can opt to drive through The Bungle Bungles, 300m-high rock formations in Purnululu National Park.

If driving isn’t appealing and the active approach is more for you, cycle the 1000km Mundi Biddi Trail from Mundaring to Albany, one of the best mountain bike tracks in Australia. If you’re craving more, climb Mount Augustus in the Gascoyne. It’s the biggest rock in Australia, two and a half times bigger than Ayers Rock.


Taking to the skies is often a great way to appreciate all that Western Australia and Perth have to offer. Fly over the Horizontal Falls near Cape Leveque, which has been critically acclaimed to be “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world” by none other than David Attenborough himself. A flight over Lake Hillier, a natural neon-pink lake is another natural phenomenon that leaves an impression on those who see it. If, however, a slower pace is more your style take a hot air balloon ride over the Avon Valley to see the wildflowers that are in bloom from April to November.


Take in the best views over Perth city whilst being immersed in picturesque native woodlands with a picnic at Kings Park. Just sitting amongst the trees not enough? Climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree near Pemberton, a 75m-tall Karri Tree, using only metal spokes that spiral up the tree or commit to exploring the treetops at the Valley of the Giants walk.


Time to make a splash with a swim amongst giant whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. If getting wet isn’t for you, opt to kayak through the spectacular gorges of Western Australia’s North, Emma Gorge or Geikie Gorge. If you want to test your heart rate, stand back and observe the saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat submerged in the Kimberley and Pilbara waters.

Natural wonders are aplenty across Western Australia both inland and on the coastline. The ‘wherever you turn there is something new’ motto is widely known by Perth-ians. Those who are fortunate enough to live in Perth never run out of options to fill up their weekends. Being able to set off on adventures in your own backyard feels like you’re on a holiday every time you set off!

Perth’s Culinary Scene Transformed and Rivalling its Competition

Perth’s Culinary Scene Transformed and Rivalling its Competition


Perth’s unrelenting commitment to changing the way their culinary landscape is viewed by other states across Australia is causing waves in the food and wine industry. Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney are in a constant battle for the title of Food and Wine Capital, but they now have a new contender to be wary of!

The influx of talented business owners and chefs alike have flocked to Perth in recent years to snap up the opportunity to be a part of the city’s growth in the culinary space. Since the early 90’s the dining scene in Perth has shifted to one that allows people to explore different tastes and experiences.

Perth’s Hats!

The Australian Good Food Guide created their own set of standards in 1977, following in the footsteps of the world-renowned Michelin guidelines. With this came the coveted Australian culinary awards system, known as the Chef Hat awards. These are awarded to those establishments which score highest in the following categories: ingredients, taste, presentation, technique, value and consistency.

Here are a few hatted restaurants Perth Hub residents can enjoy; 

Balthazar – 6 The Esplanade, Perth, WA 6000

Balthazar is based at the bottom of an Art Deco apartment block, the ‘Lawson’ and gives diners an intimate experience that is thoughtfully paired with an expertly curated wine list. Their dishes focus on local produce and are crafted to perfection. 

Wildflower – 1 Cathedral Avenue, Perth, WA 6000

Wildflower is a restaurant that encapsulates Western Australia’s history. Inspired by the indigenous six-season calendar, their menu pays homage to the vibrant native ingredients. This restaurant is something that Perth residents can be proud of, a celebration of their heritage as a state. 

Co-op Dining – 2/11 Regal Pl, Perth WA 6004

Co-op Dining has developed a 5-10 course degustation menu that allows their diners to experience the best of local produce. Co-op Dining’s food emphasises sustainably sourced ingredients from passionate WA farmers.

Long Chim – State buildings, Barrack St &, St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

The restaurant prides itself on its authenticity and doesn’t pander to the westernisation of Thai food, keeping its flavours bold and fresh. Long Chim represents the growth of Perth’s culinary landscape, showcasing that Perth is a frontrunner of the Australian culinary world. 

Those who call Perth home are the lucky ones who can sit back and watch their city transform into a sea of choice for fine dining and experiences!

A world-class recreational playground just 25 minutes from Perth!

Beautiful gardens

A world-class recreational playground just 25 minutes from Perth!


The Swan Valley, with its rolling hills lined with vines that turn golden at sunset in front of your very eyes, sound reminiscent of the beginnings of a romantic novel but is instead the reality of Perth residents who have the luxury of the internationally renowned wine region of Swan Valley at their doorstep.

The Swan Valley is just 25 minutes drive from Perth’s city centre and offers an abundance of activities to suit all demographics, budgets and tastes! The region that is a stone throw away from Perth CBD, is filled with artisans who welcome all visitors with open arms.

It is the perfect escape from the weekly grind of Perth CBD. The Valley allows its visitors to immerse themselves in the natural surrounds and unwind from the week. While the Valley can sweep those visitors seeking romance off their feet with its 5-star resorts and wineries it also caters to fun-filled family activities like encountering the local furry resident kangaroos and wallabies.

Food, Wine and Brews

The Swan Valley attracts food enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs and appreciators of hand-crafted brews alike. The region spoils visitors for choice and for those who struggle with the plethora of sites to visit, the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail is the perfect option. This 32km stretch of Western Australia’s finest landscape provides people with over 200 attractions along the way. The trail is sprinkled with hidden gems and gives those who embark on its travels access to the freshest farm produce around!

Embracing Nature and Activities

For those in need of a dose of fresh air, the Swan Valley’s natural surrounds allow people to sit back on a picnic rug and enjoy the tranquillity the parks and conservation reserves, such as Whiteman Park, have to offer. People seeking something a little different can visit Caversham Wildlife Park, which houses over 2,000 animals and birds for onlookers to enjoy. For a more interactive and educational experience, the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is the way to go where you can even learn how to milk a cow!

Valley History

The Valley’s history begins more than 40,000 years ago when the Noongar Aboriginal people of the Whadjuk tribe called the region home. Their dreamtime stories speak of a serpent who slithered across Perth’s countryside with its belly carving out the deep impression of what is now known as the Swan River.

The place is brought to life by the people who spend their days pouring passion into what they do, and visitors can feel the energy they invest wherever they go in the Valley. The artisans of the Valley are known for their dedication to their crafts and sharing their knowledge with visitors, creating an experience unlike any other.

Those who visit the Valley often leave with full bellies and feeling like they’ve become part of a family. It is exactly this atmosphere that helps make the Valley a place to remember and has people who live in Perth dreaming of the next time they’ll be able to visit!