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The future for families is apartment living

The future for families is apartment living

Chances are, if you live a busy lifestyle, you don’t always have time to maintain a large space along with gardens, roofs and gutters. City apartments like those at our Perth Hub development provide an attractive alternative for family living.

With its accessibility to the city, great amenities and kid-friendly places, this is definitely the future of family living.


One of the best things about living in Perth’s lively CBD is that your children can be exposed to a wide range of cultural experiences. Perth Hub is situated at the intersection between the city centre and Northbridge and is within walking distance to many of Perth’s art galleries, museums and theatres.

Enjoy a family day out at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, just 1km from Perth Hub. Admire the State Art Collection featuring works by Australian artists both past and present. Children are encouraged to interact with ongoing exhibitions in the Imagination Room or learn to create their own art through the gallery’s school holiday programs.

While museums can be a hit or miss with younger children The Nostalgia Box is far from a typical museum. Today’s gaming enthusiasts will be amazed to learn about the history of video games and see consoles from the 1970s up until the 2000s. Parents can get their game on and introduce their children to popular video games from their childhood like Pong and Space Invaders.

Perth city is also home to people from all around the world, making it a melting pot of different cultures. This is represented in Perth’s food scene and what better way to expand your child’s mind than through delicious food. Explore new flavours close to home, from a warm bowl of Japanese ramen at Ippudo Kings Square, to aromatic Lebanese lamb skewers at Chee Tayeb. All of this just 500 metres from Perth Hub.

For the pickier eaters, there are plenty of restaurants serving up familiar family favourites. Just around the corner from the Perth Hub apartments, V Burger Bar serves plenty of kid-friendly meals from burgers to fish and chips.


If you plan to venture further from home, getting around  Perth city is easy due to the fantastic public transport network. There are not one, but two train stations in close proximity to Perth Hub along with bus ports that can take you around the CBD and beyond.

Look after your health and the environment by substituting your daily car rides for bike rides. Within the state of Western Australia, people of all ages are permitted to ride bikes along footpaths, making it a safe place for children to ride their bikes to and from school.

For beginners, practice riding along the shared pedestrian/bike paths in Elizabeth Quay until you are confident enough to ride on the streets. See the Department of Transport’s map and find the best bike paths and see where you can park your bike.


For all parents, education is always top of mind when deciding where to live and Perth Hub has plenty on offer. There are primary and high schools within the CBD, including some of the top-ranking institutions in the state.

Perth’s focus on early learning right through to senior education will put parents’ minds at ease. With school curriculum focusing on life skills and outdoor activities including daily fitness classes and a progressive and holistic approach to education, Perth is surpassing all other states.

Hollywood Primary School received a top score of 100 by the 2018 Better Education School Guide and is located just a 12-minute drive from Perth Hub. Perth Modern School, which also received a top score, caters to academically gifted students and is just 3 minutes away.

Apartment Amenities

If you are too busy to take your children out for the day, you can rest assured they won’t be bored cooped up at home. Newer apartments like Perth Hub come standard with leisure amenities such as a pool, gym and barbecue area. These apartments have additional security levels and closer proximity to neighbours, meaning your children can play safely at home and in the communal areas.


Apartment living provides a sense of community. Your children will enjoy having playmates just doors away, creating the opportunity for playgroups, study groups and carpooling. Adults will also benefit from having a support system close by. As the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child.” Arrange to take turns watching each other’s kids, creating time for important work commitments and some much-needed relaxation.

This is a chance for your family to enjoy all the perks of city living while still being able to have a sense of community. So, if you’re looking for a place to raise your family with great schools, accessibility to public transport and the CBD and a plethora of cultural activities, Perth Hub should be top of your list.

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